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It’s Banner Tutorial Time

there have been a lot of banners showing up lately….especially in baby nurseries….so i thought that i would make one as a prop for some upcoming photography sessions.

i knew that i wanted to make it reversible … one side for a baby boy and the other for a baby girl …. the first step was getting the fabric.

the print for the boy’s side and the pink and blue flannel were found at my local hobby lobby…..the girl’s side printed fabric was found at hancock fabrics.  i got a yard of each fabric just because i loved them and i thought i could use the left overs for some other future projects…if you were just wanting to make the banner, a half of a yard would be more than enough.

the first step was to cut out my triangles for the banner….in order to save some time, i went ahead and put my solid fabrics on top of each other (wrong sides together) and my printed fabrics on top of each other (wrong sides together)….i think that the easiest/quickest way to get “perfect” triangles for the banner is to cut rectangles first….my rectangles were 9 inches long by 6 inches wide…..then fold the rectangles in half  (long ways) which will make a 9″ x 3″ rectangle and cut from corner to corner to create a perfect triangle….i used pinking shears to make this cut in order to limit fraying.

here is a look at a few of the banner triangles…i cut 12 total triangles…6 double sided print and 6 double sided solids

next step is to sew…i only ran a straight running stitch along the two longer sides that were cut with the pinking shears

once all my 12 triangles were sewn…i used an ivory colored double fold bias tape quilt binding (3 yards long) to finish my banner.  all i had to do was find the center of the quilting binding and start inserting my triangles into the fold, side-by-side.  by starting in the center and working my way outwards, i gave myself a nice allowance on each side.

be sure to alternate your pattern too!

i just love the finished product! it’s the perfect photography prop.  please leave a comment if you have any questions…..should i do a giveaway?

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