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I wanted to write this post to somewhat explain why you may not see a lot of weddings on this website.

Since I started my business, I made the personal decision not to pursue a lot of weddings. This is because it was just too hard to shoot and edit weddings while working full time as a civil engineer 45+ hours a week. Last year, after the birth of my daughter, I jumped back into shooting families as soon as possible and it. was. hard! I ended up neglecting my husband and felt constantly stressed from trying to balance being a new mom, being the wife my husband deserved, working 7-5 as an engineer, and then owning my own photography business. It was too much and I decided that it was just best to not pursue photography anymore. Being a good wife and mother were more important in the long run and I thought that photography was the reason I wasn’t being able to do that anymore. So I started referring out all sessions to photographer friends of mine that I knew could make my past clients happy. It was so so hard to say no to the clients that I so much cared for, but I thought I was doing the right thing.  Fast forward to this past August when my very good friend died. Shea was an unbelievably talented photographer and someone that I looked up to so so much. She was entirely way too good for this earth and it’s still so shocking that she isn’t here anymore. She was most definitely one of the best persons in my life and I truly mean it when I say that I feel honored that I was her friend. When she passed away, we photographer friends made sure that her clients were taken care of. Shea had employed an amazing assistant, Kathryn Mitchell, who managed her business through the end of last year and made sure that her weddings were photographed and edited. Below is just one of the weddings that I helped photograph. I wanted to share some of the images that I took at this wedding and say I AM TAKING ON WEDDING CLIENTS! After helping finish out Shea’s remaining wedding clients, I realized how much I absolutely missed photographing weddings and needed it in my life. Even though I was working more, I was such a happier person to be around. My husband noticed a huge shift in me and we had a long hard talk about me pursuing photography again. This time, we put pen to paper and we made a plan together. A plan that both of us are happy with and believe will work. I have some huge goals for 2017 and those goal include a lot of weddings. I will be rolling out a referral program soon and sharing some more amazing plans very soon. This post is already entirely way too long, and if you’ve made it this far, you are a true friend. So I will now stop talking and let you see this gorgeous wedding…..

But first, one more really important thing, please note that with the exception of the self portrait directly below, these were all edited by Shea’s assistant to match her style of photography. These are not my edits, but I wanted to showcase some photographs that I took and absolutely love to show potential brides my skills as a wedding photographer.



You can see all of the images from this gorgeous wedding over on Shea’s client gallery website. Just click here to see them all: Cox Wedding

  1. Makenzie says:

    Jac these look incredible!! Beautiful bride, decor, and setting!!

  2. Christina says:

    Jac these are stunning. So proud of you for being so raw and open. This is an amazing step to take and I know you will conquer.

  3. Rebecca says:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful, Jac! You are such a talented photographer and it’s so easy to see. Your pictures are amazing and you have such great rapport with your clients. No bride would be disappointed choosing you to capture their memories!

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