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Aaron + Jessica

Wedding photo collage from a fun and colorful wedding at Old Glory Distillery in Clarksville, TN with blue wedding heels and bright pink flowers

A Bright and Colorful Wedding at Old Glory Distillery in Clarksville, TN

Aaron and Jessica’s wedding was very much a spring wedding in Tennessee. They had beautiful pops of color throughout their florals and decor and like a lot of spring weddings, we were dodging light rain for most of their portrait time. When I first arrived at Old Glory Distillery, they had a beautiful outdoor ceremony setup. When the weather forecast looked like a good bit of rain was on its way, the Old Glory & PSR Events teams moved the ceremony setup indoors. Well….since Tennessee weather is crazy and doesn’t know what it wants to do, the rain just kept dying off before it got to us so everyone jumped into action a few minutes before the ceremony to move everything back outside. It really was exciting to see everyone work so quickly to put together the ceremony that Aaron and Jessica wanted.  And as a photographer, I was all about that good natural lighting for the outdoor ceremony.

I loved getting to watch Jessica light up anytime she got to be alone with Aaron on their wedding day. I don’t know if you know this or not, but wedding days can be SUPER stressful. You spend all this time planning out all the little details and answering a million little questions but when Jessica was with her Aaron, you just got the feeling that all the wedding day stress melted away because she was marrying her person. They had so much laughter and love and it was really nice to get to witness that and be a part of their day.

Some of my favorite parts of their wedding were Jessica’s wedding dress, her blue wedding heels, her man of honor, and a delicate handkerchief that had been passed down by multiple generations in her family to be worn on her wedding day. Jessica’s wedding dress was fully beaded and weighed a ton! It was stunning and I honestly don’t know how she wore it all day and night!!! Pair that dress with her blue heels and I was in love!!

I also loved that Jessica had a “man of honor” and a “bridesman” in her bridal party. I love that some of her closest friends got to stand up beside her and help her marry the love of her life. And let me tell you, Kevin (the man of honor) definitely did not take his job lightly. He was just such a huge help to everyone that day and I was so grateful for him. His toast during the reception brought the entire room to laughter and then tears as he talked about his friendship and love for Jessica. He was the perfect “man of honor”!

Aaron and Jessica, I loved getting to witness and capture your love on your wedding day. Thank you so much for allowing me to be your photographer and I hope you love this sneak peek blog post of my favorite moments.

Jessica and her two “bridesmen”

Right after we captured some photos of the full bridal party, it started raining so the groomsmen all moved inside for their photos and I think it was really fitting for this group of guys! They looked great standing in front of the production distillery room.

While we were setting up for the photo in front of the Old Glory sign, I noticed a ladybug on Jessica’s dress. I pointed it out and then went to move it and Jessica said “Oh, that’s my Nana!” She went on to tell me that after her Nana passed, they kept finding ladybugs everywhere and that it’s her showing up for important life moments. I just immediately got misty-eyed and made sure to put that ladybug right back where I found her.

Soooooo many guests were chanting for Jessica to smash the cake in the beard! Can you imagine cleaning that out?!

I love the barrel filling at Old Glory! You get to learn a little bit about the process and if you’re lucky, the working cat comes out to say hi!

VENUE | Old Glory Distillery


CAKE | The Peanut Butter Sucker



DJ | DJ Emcees Nashville



GROOMSMEN ATTIRE | Men’s Warehouse

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