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Superheroes & Tea Parties

i can’t express how much i loved shooting this session….i really wanted to do a fun “just let the kids be kids” session so i contacted my cousin-in-law and asked if her boys had some capes and masks …. her response “i will get some!” …. love

we decided that we wouldn’t force landry into dressing up as a superhero if she didn’t want to, so instead …. tea party time!

first …. the superheroes!!
for this portion of the session, we went to downtown clarksville, tn and just focused on the older brick buildings as our “backdrop”

we just had to get a photo of the superheroes with their mom!

for this next portion of the session, we made our way to the brand spanking new liberty park in clarksville, tn

i just love landry’s tea party setup

and look who joined in on the tea party…. some superheroes!

then the superheroes decided to chase each other 🙂 love these sweet boys
i just wonder what colton was looking at right here?

they were showing me their HUGE muscles here

they have such great smiles!

such a beautiful family

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